Tuesday, December 28, 2004

too close to be enemies! Posted by Hello

sarah with cool-hat man Posted by Hello

sarah with 2 new friends! Posted by Hello

8-ballfriend-o-rama! Posted by Hello

pasty friends are always the best! Posted by Hello

the coolest shirt Chris has EVER seen in his entire life Posted by Hello

the most exciting friends ever! Posted by Hello

the coolest crowd ever devised! Posted by Hello

Monday, December 27, 2004

that's hot. Posted by Hello

ass shot 1: The Most Effective Way to Make Friends Posted by Hello

ass shot 2 Posted by Hello

serious friends Posted by Hello

actual friends again Posted by Hello

(actual friends) Posted by Hello

we go way back...yeah...an entire minute or two. Posted by Hello

the nicest bunch... Posted by Hello

it's winter time! Posted by Hello

clown face Posted by Hello

cuties! Posted by Hello

Tie Guys 2: More HOT Tie Action! Posted by Hello

Tie Guys 1: When Ties Go Wild Posted by Hello

Friends... Posted by Hello

Chris is excited about this one! Posted by Hello

Birthday Girl Posted by Hello

Lady Posted by Hello