Monday, January 31, 2005

January 29, 2005

Chris and I found ourselves at Grumpys, which I had only frequented a few times previously and Chris had never been to. People were, for the most part, very receptive to TRPP! French fries and beers, not badly priced and lots of room to run around and meet people!

the masterminds behind the random people project and their neverending conflict Posted by Hello

Sarah and Annoyed-White-Hoodie-Man, the leader of the gang! Posted by Hello

Chris and the cute-bartendress-bringer-of-GUINESS!!! Posted by Hello

He's getting a little close for comfort there, fella! Posted by Hello

Two thumbs up for that one, Ebert! Posted by Hello

Satan or Peace? Which one do I decide? Posted by Hello

Sarah wasn't so sure about these friends...they're probably cool though. Posted by Hello

What is Chris doing to this innocent young lady? He doesn't care...cause' it's Megan's 21st!!!!!! Posted by Hello

Sarah's 24th...his...I don't know...5th beer? Posted by Hello

Megan's 21st...Chris's 24th! Posted by Hello

Megan's 21st!  Posted by Hello

I really felt like giving her a big hug, but I wasn't sure... Posted by Hello

Chris ZooLander and Really-CooL-Glasses-Man! Posted by Hello

sarah's next step: more tattoos! Posted by Hello

sarah with adam and nick. she remembered their names! *wink wink* Posted by Hello

red hoodie, grey hoodie! friends in the order of the hood! hail hail! Posted by Hello

chris thinks he's really cool now! Posted by Hello

sarah-bad-picture-face and dread lady  Posted by Hello

sarah & cute waitress Posted by Hello

chris bugging them on their first date.  Posted by Hello

sarah & cool hoodie man.  Posted by Hello

chris, catlady and her sidekick, glasses man. later.  Posted by Hello

sarah & her new gang Posted by Hello

chris's coolest new friend Posted by Hello

rad picture Posted by Hello